ABC Español, besides teaching the Spanish language, tries to promote the cultural enrichment of the student through complementary activities such as:

Trips and tours within and around the city, organized by the Institute, as part of the study program,.

  • Visits to tourist places (Colca Canyon, Toro Muerto), within the Arequipa region, advising students about main tourism opportunities within the region, putting the student in touch with travel and tourist agencies that are safe and reliable.

  • ABC Español always supports the students in whatever needs arise, for example help with VISAS, finding household help, locating schools and daycare for children, etc.

  • Safety training:  As you come from countries that are very different in many ways, your ABC instructors will teach and assist you to safely move about in the city when shopping or exchanging money.




Because of its strategical location Arequipa permits easy travel to other places in Peru that are known world-wide for tourist attractions of archeological, environmental and cultural richness, such as Cusco (Machu-Picchu), Puno (Lake Titicaca ), Nazca (Nazca Lines), Ica (Paracas National Reserve), Madre de Dios (Puerto Maldonado and Manu Park) as well as Bolivia and the Pacific Coast (2 hours and a half from Arequipa city).