ABCEspañol has its headquarters in Arequipa, the second most important city in Perú. Arequipa, known as the beautiful “White City, is situated in the south-west part of the country at 2,325 meters above sea level and 1,030 Km. from Lima, the capital city.


Arequipa has pleasant warm weather all year around and has approximately one million inhabitants. Arequipa is one of the safest, cleanest and most peaceful cities in the country. Because of its special historical, geographical and architectural characteristics, Arequipa is a tourist center par excellence and is considered one of the most conservative cities with regard to the purity of the language.


It is mainly dry troughout most of the year, with the rainy season during the summer months (January to March). The lowest temperatures are registered between June and August (winter time).
The high solar radiation index in the city makes the use of sunblock and hat necessary to prevent sunburn spots or diseases of the skin.


Arequipa, the White City, in the middle of the Andes Mountains, is surrounded by 3 famous volcanos: Misti, Chachani and Pichu-Pichu. It is located in the best place for travel to Cusco, Machu-Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, Nazca, the Colca Canyon and the Pacific Coast. Therefore Arequipa is a perfect place to become acquainted with the land of the Incas.


Arequipa is a city rich in culture, history and traditions. Its tourist attractions vary from a wide green open land with majestic volcanos to impressive colonial arquitecture demonstrated in churches, houses and streets, built in different parts of the city. Characteristic in their construction is the use of SILLAR, the typical white volcanic stone, the reason the city of Arequipa is known as the White City.


 Plaza de Armas (main plaza of Arequipa)
 The Cathedral in front of Plaza de Armas.
 Monastery of Santa Catalina.
 Church of La Compañía and its Sistine Chapel.
 Clausters of La Compañía.
 Church and Convent of San Francisco.
 Plaza of San Francisco.
 Church of San Agustin.
 Church of Santo Domingo.
 Church and Museum of La Recoleta.
 Church and Plaza Yanahuara.
 Church and Plaza de Cayma and its museum.
 Museum of the mummy Juanita, the Princess of the Ampato.
 The old Spanish Colonial neighbourhood of San Lázaro.
 Tambo la Cabezona.
 San Camilo open market.


 Molino de Sabandía (the old spanish mill)
 Mansión del Fundador (the founder’s Mansion)
 Palacio de Goyeneche (Goyeneche’s Palace)
 Mirador de Sachaca (Sachaca’s sightseeing tower)
 Mirador de Carmen Alto (for sightseeing)
 Carretera Paisajista (landscape road)
 Yura (a volcanic district with spring of volcano waters)
 The open green farmland around the city.

The deepest natural canyon of the world, 5 hours from Arequipa. A very good option for students that want to spend a very special weekend out of the city. There you can enjoy impressive views of nature, spring waters, different open air activities (trekking, rafting, biking and climbing) and very early in the morning observe the traditional morning flight of the famous Andean condors.
Visitors can also interact with the native inhabitants of the area and learn from their culture.