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 ABC Español is commited to your having a pleasant stay in Arequipa. There is a great variety of housing options the students can choose from.

 ABC Español will help the students find a place to live and arrange transport from the airport or bus station to your new home.

  •        Room with a Peruvian family:

o      For single students or married couples without children.

o      Includes:

§ Room

§ Room service

§ Laundry

§ Board (3 meals a day)

o      Cost:  S/. 350.00 Nuevos Soles a week per person.

  • Private Apartment:

o      If you desire the institute can find a completely furnished or semi-furnished apartment.

o      Cost:

                                         US$ 450 – 800 a month + US$ 100-150 additional services (electricity, water, phone, internet, TV, cable)

House:  Semi-furnished or non-furnished. o Cost:  US$700 – 900 a month + US$100-150 additional services (electricity, water, phone, internet, TV, cable)

Boarding House:

 In Arequipa there are good boarding houses and hostals for short time students.  

Cost:  From US$ 15 a night per person (does not include either meals or laundry)

                        *These prices are approximate.  They are accurate to the current monetary exchange rate.